Aurora Information System’s FoodPro® is a total food production, planning and control system that provides start-to-finish control from raw food through production, service, and analysis. It provides historical, as well as current and projected data, in terms of food usage, costs, operating margins and service. FoodPro® is built upon a totally integrated multi-user, multi-function database operating system. Aurora Information System’s unique system maintenance and user support programs guarantee the system's software will always be current and state-of-the-art.

Grill Menu Board

Entrée Menu Board

Grill, Salad & Soup, Beverages Menu Boards


The Epicure Digital Content Management System (“CMS”) is easy to learn and easy to use because of its What You See Is What You Get View of your FoodPro system’s menu data in your Epicure Digital custom engineered and designed menu board Templates.

FoodPro requires working within a database to create records for each category header and menu item for each day and meal period in your menu cycle. Within the appropriate records, you will enter your:

  • Publishable front-of-house Category Headers with publishable front-of-house descriptions
  • Publishable front-of-house Menu Item Names and Descriptions
  • Format the front-of-house headers, names and descriptions with formatting codes.

The graphic above shows how you work with both a FoodPro database window and a CMS window open simultaneously, allowing you to see your menu data in the CMS as you enter it in FoodPro. For training, you’ll have a session with FoodPro  and as many sessions with Epicure as desired to learn how to use the CMS. However, because of the immediate visual feedback from using our WYSIWYG CMS, you'll learn how to enter your menus and formatting codes, and correct errors, very quickly. Typically, it takes no more than two training sessions and a few hours of data entry to be on your way to displaying your beautiful new menus.


This Epicure Digital Menu System (”System”) uses our Epicure Digital Centra Cloud Server (”Server”) to integrate with Aurora FoodPro® (”FoodPro”) to control, maintain and schedule menus and content on Samsung Smart Signage Platform (“SSSP”) LED LCDs. Its Online Menu module includes hyperlinks for posting your daily menus on your website for viewing on computers, smart phones and tablets. You will control the System via a web browser (Chrome, Firefox or Safari) on any computer, Windows® or Mac®, that has Internet access to our Server. 

Samsung SSSP LED LCDs include Ethernet and WiFi (WPA 2 Personal security only) network connections and the Samsung Smart Signage Platform software and hardware for making each LCD its own media player. Each SSSP LCD is powered by a 1.7GHz quad-core system-on-chip with 2.5GB, LPDDR4 1.5GHz 64 Bit main interface memory and 8GB FDM. It provides a powerful streamlined solution for receiving and displaying its content, reducing the need for a separate media player and reducing the total cost of ownership in digital signage deployments through savings in hardware installation and operating costs. You may use existing LCDs and media players if you can configure the media player to launch the Google Chrome browser to open in kiosk mode and to resolve to our Server upon power up; and you assume all responsibility for the maintenance and management of the media players. Whenever one of these LCDs or its media player becomes defective, we would like the pair to be replaced with a single SSSP LCD.

At preset intervals (for ex. every 15 minutes), FoodPro will export a SQL database file to our Server with your menu information (private health information is unavailable to us). Then, at each meal period, our Centra Server will read the most recently uploaded menu file and immediately compose the data into HTML5 pages along with all other content uploaded to our Server by you using its web-based content management system. Each SSSP LCD will then connect to the Centra Server via the LCD’s Ethernet or WiFi (WPA2 Personal Security only) connection to refresh itself with its new menu data and content. If you would like to refresh a menu board during a meal period, you can also force FoodPro to export the file immediately instead of waiting 15 minutes. The LCDs may also require access to a time server and news and weather service RSS feeds external to your firewall.

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Shown here are Samsung SSSP LCDs connecting over the Internet to our Epicure Digital Centra Cloud Server that connects to your FoodPro menu planning & nutrition data base system